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Solar Canopies Offset EV Charging Costs | Brooklyn Solar Canopy Co.

Buying an EV? Solar Canopies and the EV Boom Electric vehicles (EVs) are the next generation of vehicles designed to run solely on electricity. They are becoming increasingly popular not only among consumers trying to reduce their fuel consumption and be environmentally conscious, but also among those looking to make the most of their solar…

The BSCC Partner Installer Experience | Brooklyn Solar Canopy Co.

Our Installers: What it’s Like Being a BSCC Partner As a provider of solar power solutions to residential and commercial customers, you are dedicated to offering your clientele only the best in clean energy production technology and modern solar canopy designs. Offering your customers solar canopies and solar pergola solutions from Brooklyn Solar Canopy Co.…

Guide To Solar Canopy Installation | Brooklyn Solar Canopy Co.

Step-by-Step: The Solar Canopy Installation Process Explained The process of installing an aluminum solar canopy or solar carport follows multiple steps. It requires an initial consultation to assess your customer’s needs, an initial solar design, an assessment of engineering requirements and final design then fabrication and delivery of the ideal solar canopy. Check out Our…

How Solar Canopies Boost Property Value| Brooklyn Solar Canopy Co

Boosting Property Value: The Positive Impact of Solar Canopies for Your Customers Property owners are always seeking new ways to add value to their residential or commercial properties. Sophisticated upgrades, manicured yard spaces, and noticeable curb appeal are certainly important. But just as essential are innovative and sustainable technologies such as solar energy generation systems.…

REAP Grants and Solar Canopies | Brooklyn Solar Canopy Co

What are REAP Grants and How They Could Fund Your Solar Canopy Projects   The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) has been providing financial assistance for over two decades through the Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) Grants to eligible agricultural producers and rural small businesses to install renewable energy. These energy efficient improvements…

Solar Canopies & The Inflation Reduction Act | Brooklyn Solar Canopy Co.

Commercial Savings: How the ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ Applies to Selling Your Next Commercial Project Solar canopies are becoming widely adopted across many different sectors as they provide clean solar energy and a host of additional benefits for commercial and industrial entities. These benefits include offering a consistent source of renewable power, sheltered spaces for carports…

Solar Canopies for Commercial Properties | Brooklyn Solar Canopy Co.

Solar Canopies for Commercial Properties: Parking Lots to Rooftops The demand for sustainable power generation solutions has never been higher. Commercial property owners are constantly seeking out new ways to maximize their power generation capacity, limit their environmental impact, and enjoy energy savings with a solar canopy while still meeting their individual electricity needs. As…

Solar Canopy Maintenance & Warranties | Brooklyn Solar Canopy Co.

Maintaining Your Investment: Solar Canopy Maintenance & Warranties Once you have invested in a solar canopy, maintaining it is the key to keeping your investment in great condition. At Brooklyn Solar Canopy Co., we have a three-pronged system to ensure that your solar pergola performs at its peak for years to come: Robust, easy construction…

Project Spotlight: A Brooklyn Brownstone

Project Spotlight: A Brooklyn Brownstone Faced with rising electricity costs, many New Yorkers are seeking eco-friendly ways to keep their homes powered while saving money. One increasingly popular option is solar energy! In this article, we’ll explore how solar panels have transformed the life of a local New York City resident over the past year…

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