Boosting Property Value: The Positive Impact of Solar Canopies for Your Customers

Property owners are always seeking new ways to add value to their residential or commercial properties. Sophisticated upgrades, manicured yard spaces, and noticeable curb appeal are certainly important. But just as essential are innovative and sustainable technologies such as solar energy generation systems.

Solar canopies meet this need and add value to properties of all types, not only by facilitating the installation of solar energy systems but also by providing a streamlined and stylish framework to house and protect solar panels. Additionally, a solar pergola provides additional benefits, such as shaded spaces for cars and people below it, and even space for the installation of other green technologies, such as EV charging solar carport stations.

In this article, we explore the positive impacts of smart solar canopies for boosting your customers’ property values and assisting them in their pursuits to minimize their environmental impacts.

How Solar Canopies Enhance Property Value

According to a study conducted by Zillow, solar panels increase a house’s appraisal value by 4.1%. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) also confirms that reducing annual energy bills adds to a property’s value by $20 for every $1 saved. This means that if a solar system saves you $400 annually, your home’s value will increase by $8,000.

Solar canopies like Brooklyn Solar Canopy Co.’s A-Frame and Post-Truss canopies offer a unique and innovative solution for homeowners who wish to install solar energy systems on their properties. They stabilize and protect valuable investments like solar panels while eliminating the limitations that come with traditional rooftop solar installations.

This makes them a particularly appealing solution to eco-conscious property owners and potential property buyers.

Rooftop Solar Alternatives

Many homes have roofs with irregular shapes and limited exposure to sunlight, often due to shade cast by nearby buildings or trees. Some roofs may not offer enough structural integrity to support the weight of solar panels, particularly if the roofs are old or have not been regularly maintained over time. These limitations have traditionally made it challenging to offer some customers rooftop solar installations and a consistent supply of clean energy.

Solar canopies provide a smart solution for customers who have homes or buildings with irregular roof shapes and low sun exposure. They allow homeowners and property owners alike to install their solar panels on a raised canopy instead, ensuring that these panels receive consistent sun exposure by raising them above their roofs and positioning them in an ideal location on their property.

At Brooklyn Solar Canopy Co., we also offer ground-mounted solar canopy alternatives for customers who would prefer not to mount their panels directly on their roofs. Our ground mounting options ensure that every customer can find a solar canopy solution that meets their specific needs without having to make unwanted alterations to their properties.

An Aesthetic Solar Solution

Not all customers appreciate the look of solar panels lining their roofs, even if the roof in question can house multiple panels on a structural level. Panels can obscure large portions of a roof and make it challenging to complete other rooftop projects like ‘green roofs’ on urban flat rooftops. Solar canopies solve this challenge by offering a stylish and visually striking way to house solar panels and provide a source of clean energy.

Our canopies elevate panels above rooftop obstructions like HVAC systems or lightwells and the aesthetic designs of each easy-to-install solar canopy type help to add curb appeal to properties. This makes them a prime solution for environmentally conscious property owners who wish to strike a balance between sustainability and aesthetic appeal.

Simpler Roof Renovations

Rooftop solar panel installations can complicate the process of roof renovations and repairs, as the panels need to be removed before necessary repairs can take place.

However, when panels are mounted on a solar canopy, property owners can perform maintenance and repairs easily without having to move panels or equipment first. This simplifies the process of painting roofs, replacing HVAC systems, and repairing interior roof structures, which equates to fewer labor and time costs for your customers.

Solar Capacity Expansion

Some of your customers may be homeowners who have already used up all their available roof space with solar panels but wish to expand the capacity of their solar energy systems. Perhaps they are planning to move towards all electric appliances, need to meet the needs of a growing family, or purchase their first or even second electric vehicle. They may also wish to take advantage of location-specific programs that compensate them financially for producing more clean energy than they use.

A solar pergola can be used in these situations to install additional panels without requiring extra roof space, helping to improve your customers’ solar generation capacity even if they do not have additional room available. This can provide your customers with even more significant cost savings and emissions reductions over time.

Rapid Property Sales

Certain sources show that homes with solar systems installed may sell more quickly and at more favorable prices compared to homes with traditional grid energy connectivity alone. A survey conducted by Rocket Mortgage found that homes with solar panels sold an average of 13.3% faster than those without. Homes with solar panels were also 24.7% more likely to sell above the asking price. Reports from Zillow also show that 67% of buyers consider energy efficiency to be “very to extremely important” when purchasing a property.

It’s clear that many sustainably focused buyers seek out solar-connected homes to save on their electricity costs in the long term and reduce their environmental impacts without spending significant sums of money on initial solar installations.

If your customers are looking to sell their properties at any point in the future, having a solar canopy on site may demonstrate their commitment to clean energy, add significant property value, and help to attract potential buyers who are willing to offer them a generous price for their properties. Our hurricane-proof solar canopies can also withstand heavy snow loads and winds of up to 200mph (A-Frame) and 117 mph (Post-Truss), providing tangible value for potential buyers looking to purchase properties in areas with high risk of hurricanes, tornadoes, and extreme weather conditions.

Modern Solar Canopy Design and Superior Longevity

Brooklyn Solar Canopy Co.’s solar canopy products have been specially engineered to safely house solar panels of all types and add distinctive aesthetic appeal to residential and commercial spaces. Each canopy is manufactured from durable and weather-resistant aluminum, which can withstand a wide range of environmental factors without losing its structural integrity.

Our metal solar canopies can be finished in either a classic mill finish or a matte black or white powder coating. The latter of which adds extra corrosion resistance. The colors of these coatings can be selected to align with your customers’ existing home designs and preferred aesthetics.

The stylish and contemporary designs of our canopies can even be positioned as a focal point on properties of all types and can be incorporated into existing spaces to offer multiple benefits to property owners. For instance, a solar canopy for parking lots could be installed to provide shaded parking space beneath it, or to shade a communal area, protected garden, or even a shaded children’s play area below to align with the unique needs of your customers.

Each canopy is designed to maintain its structural integrity, strength, and curb appeal for years while helping to keep solar panels of all sizes secure and protected against environmental conditions. We offer a 30-year equipment warranty on all our solar canopies to ensure that your customers can benefit from their solar installations and protect their investments for decades to come.

More Usable Property Space

Solar canopies and aluminum solar carport models can increase the amount of usable space available on a property by creating valuable protected and covered areas. Our canopies provide solar shade and ample protection from wind, rain, and sun, making them ideal for creating new functional spaces like walkways, solar patios and pool solar canopy spaces, gardens, outdoor classrooms, and even parking spaces that protect vehicles and their occupants from the elements.

A solar pergola is a great way to expand your customers’ usable outdoor living areas, helping to make their properties more functional, more diverse, and more attractive to potential buyers.

Extra Income Potential

Some states offer programs and tax credits for solar canopies that enable homeowners with solar energy systems and solar carport systems to sell their excess generated electricity back to the grid. This allows property owners to earn an additional source of income, which benefits them and may assist them in attracting high-ticket property buyers in the future. These programs do vary between states and regions, so it’s important to research the programs available in your specific location to see if your customers qualify for these benefits.

Commercial properties that install aluminum solar carport solar canopies from Brooklyn Solar Canopy Co. may also be eligible for a 10% IRA tax credit, helping to reduce their tax burdens and free up financial resources for further development and expansion.

Enhanced Value for Every Customer

Our solar canopies for installers offer a wide range of benefits for your customers, from enhancing the functionality of their properties to providing extra value that will attract environmentally conscious potential buyers for a quick and beneficial property sale. Our solar pergola systems offer excellent protection and stable housing for solar panel investments, along with valuable shade and protected space to facilitate a host of other value-adding designs and installments on residential and commercial properties alike.

Contact a BSCC representative to get a quote for a solar canopy system, learn more about solar canopy ROI, and provide your customers with a myriad of positive impacts and clean energy benefits.