Frequently Asked Questions


What are the Brooklyn Solar A-Frame and Post-Truss Canopies?

As a homeowner can I install a Brooklyn Solar Canopy myself?

Is the Brooklyn Solar Canopy available in my area?

Are Brooklyn Solar Canopies made in the U.S.A.?

Does the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) apply to the cost of the Brooklyn Solar Canopy equipment?

Design, Engineering and Permitting

Are solar modules included with Brooklyn Solar Canopy orders?

What material are the Brooklyn Solar Canopies made of?

Are the Brooklyn Solar Canopies pitched at an angle?

How tall can Brooklyn Solar Canopies be?

What colors are the Brooklyn Solar Canopy available in?

What types of solar modules can the Brooklyn Solar Canopy support?

Does the Canopy provide complete rain protection?

Is the Brooklyn Solar Canopy UL certified?

What permits are required to legally install a Brooklyn Solar Canopy?

Does BSCC provide a project plan set stamped by a professional engineer (P.E.) for my canopy project?

Are larger canopies with more than 2-trusses available?

What are the maximum snow and wind loads that the Canopy is engineered to tolerate?

Pricing + Ordering

How do I purchase a Brooklyn Solar Canopy?

What does a Brooklyn Solar Canopy cost?

What is BSCC’s cancellation and refund policy?

What payment options are available?

How long does it take for a canopy order to be delivered?


How long does it take to install a Brooklyn Solar Canopy?

Is a crane required to transport canopy equipment to the roof for residential rooftop projects?

Becoming a BSCC Network Partner

Can my solar installation company market, order and install the Brooklyn Solar Canopy?