Our Installers: What it’s Like Being a BSCC Partner

As a provider of solar power solutions to residential and commercial customers, you are dedicated to offering your clientele only the best in clean energy production technology and modern solar canopy designs. Offering your customers solar canopies and solar pergola solutions from Brooklyn Solar Canopy Co. provides both you and your customers with significant benefits, ensuring a mutually beneficial solution for all parties involved.

The benefits for you as an installer include positioning yourself as a trusted provider of award-winning solar carport equipment, helping to attract business from a wide range of clients seeking alternative power solutions. We provide you with extensive support and guidance throughout the installation process to ensure that every solar carport installation runs smoothly from start to finish. Seamless project fulfilment is highly beneficial for your business image and may assist in attracting further contracts and solar expansion deals in the future.

Additionally, there are notable advantages for your customers when you choose to become a BSCC partner. Each customer will benefit from receiving a customized product engineering report and 3D solar canopy model designed in alignment with their specific needs and expectations. Through the guidance offered by our team during the installation process, your customers can rest assured that their solar pergolas will be installed professionally and safely every time, allowing them to protect their solar equipment investments and enjoy the many benefits that come with solar energy production in the long term.

In this guide, we will describe how we work with our installers to guide the project process, ensure a smooth installation, and assist you in providing top-tier solar canopy solutions to customers in your local area.

Exploring the Installer Process

This section will explore the steps installers should take to start installing solar canopy solutions with us.

#1: Submitting a Project Proposal

The BSCC team aims to empower installers to deliver superior customer experiences by providing extensive and accurate knowledge of our products. You can start the process of becoming an installer by filling out the new account link on our website and then submitting a Project Proposal, preferably via a Helioscope or another solar design PDF.

This proposal should include:

  •         The address of the planned installation
  •         The panel type intended to be installed
  •         The general design needed by your customer

Proposals should also include a PDF of the solar design and a solar panel specification sheet for best results. This information allows our team to start working on creating a detailed 3D model of your planned installation, as well as a quotation of how much the solar canopy will cost you.

#2: Get a Quote for a Solar Canopy

Once you submit your Project Proposal through our site, a BSCC representative will follow up shortly with a quote and a 3D model of your planned solar carport installation. This quote covers a fully fabricated and finished aluminum solar carport according to your prior specifications.

If you will be mounting a solar canopy to your customer’s rooftop, you may need an engineer’s review to ensure the viability of the rooftop solar alternatives project. Our team can provide product engineering reports for your engineer’s review if required or offer our own engineering services.

#3: Confirm the Design

If you are satisfied with the 3D model and design our team has provided you, you can begin the process of drafting a plan set by paying a 50% deposit of your quoted total upfront. BSCC will then start drafting your plan set for final review according to your approved specifications and design.

Your plan set should be ready within two weeks and will include a foundation design if applicable. If you require the plan set to be stamped by a professional engineer, this can be done at an additional surcharge of $600 to $1,000. All solar canopy orders will be provided in an aluminum mill finish unless you have specified powder coating, which can be provided at an additional cost.

#4: Navigating the Plan Set Design Process

Our team will handle the majority of the plan set design process, leaving you to prepare for the installation of your client’s solar canopy.

We will confirm the canopy’s dimensions, including its height and minimum clearance, and provide a foundation design if needed to ensure that it is correctly sized and fabricated according to your customers’ specific expectations.

The foundation design, if required, will outline how your team will need to lay foundations for the canopy to ensure that it is securely mounted and remains in place and intact, even in extreme weather conditions such as strong winds or heavy snowfall.

#5: Fabrication and Delivery

Once the plan set has been finalized, we will send the plans to our fabricator to have the new solar canopy fabricated at our facilities in Providence, RI.

The fabrication process typically takes 3 to 4 weeks to complete, and delivery takes another week. This timeline can be shorter depending on your location and your expected delivery date. Each canopy is delivered fully fabricated, finished, and complete with its accessory parts and is ready to be constructed and installed at your customer’s site.

#6: Construction and Installation

Now that your customer’s solar canopy has arrived on site, you and your team can begin the process of installing it. We simplify the installation process by providing comprehensive installation manuals that lay out each step of the construction process to guide your team. We can also review the installation process with your team before the project kicks off to ensure that every team member is confident in their ability to construct and install a Brooklyn solar canopy with ease.

Our installation manual has you and your team covered with an extensive and highly detailed description of each step of the solar canopy installation process. This manual outlines the tools you will require for the job, all additional materials you may need, recommended solar panel and attachment configurations, and a detailed explanation of each of the components included in your solar canopy kit.

This step-by-step document serves as a useful guide for new installers and seasoned professionals alike and explores laying foundations, base attachments, column and truss plate assembly, rail splice assembly, and construction, from site layout to rail and solar panel installation. Our guide also provides electrical guidance, explaining how to build a solar canopy, mount solar panels, and ground solar equipment to ensure that all systems are operating safely and efficiently.

Becoming an Installer on Our Website

If you would like to be listed as an approved aluminum solar carport installer on our website, follow these simple steps and recommendations.

Firstly, we recommend that you start by installing one or two solar canopies for installers to familiarize yourself with our process and exactly how to construct and install canopies professionally and securely. When we list you, you will be added to our map of local installers, enabling potential clients to locate and contact you with ease when they search terms like, “best solar canopies for Arizona”, “best solar canopies for California”, or “best solar canopies for Texas”.

Ordering your solar canopies in bulk can reduce the overall costs of our canopies, allowing you to position yourself as an installer who can offer your customers premium solar solutions at favorable prices while maximizing your solar canopy ROI. Although ordering in bulk is not always possible, particularly when dealing with specialized or custom orders and requirements, bulk ordering certain canopy models could be a way to pass discounts on to your customers and attract more business for your company or operation.

Becoming listed as a solar canopy installer and offering solar canopies in new areas in the United States could give you and your business a competitive advantage when it comes to securing new contracts. While solar power systems are becoming more popular and more widely used, the number of skilled installers who can professionally construct and install solar canopies is still limited. By addressing your local market with smart modern solar solutions, you could position yourself as a go-to contact for customers wishing to install clean energy solutions or add additional value to their residential or commercial properties.

Seamless Installations as a BSCC Partner

Becoming a BSCC solar canopy installer gives you access to all the product knowledge and installation guidance you need to install solar pergolas smoothly and efficiently, time after time. Our installation manual and expert team will provide you with all the tips, tricks and advice you need to construct and install canopies according to your customers’ exacting standards, whether they require a simple pool solar canopy or solar carport for their residential property or are looking to upgrade their business facilities with a commercial solar carport and EV charging technology.

Offering your customers quality residential and commercial solar canopies from Brooklyn Solar Canopy Co. is also an effective way of positioning yourself and your business as pioneers in the transition towards clean solar energy production. By providing these solutions in your local area, you can fulfill a niche that is in increasingly high demand among environmentally conscious home and business owners alike.

Join us and offer your customers leading quality, award-winning solar canopy solutions for every need and location. Contact the BSCC team today to learn more about becoming a Brooklyn Solar Canopy Co. partner.