A Tribute To The Creative Use Potential Of The Brooklyn Solar Canopy

Our canopy is a great way to get solar up on flat roofs by elevating panels over obstructions and shade. But it’s also a great way to get people up on flat roofs by elevating the way we think about and use space.

This short video, produced by local filmmaker Emmett Padgett with input and cameos from the BSCC team, pays tribute to the creative potential of the canopy not as a practical solution to physical barriers, but as new space meant to be occupied, enhanced and enjoyed.

Extra special thanks to Troy “Tcoy” Coughlin for furnishing the soundtrack with his magnificent drum solo. Tcoy is not only a talented musician and member of the Brooklyn-based band Max Pain and the Groovies, he’s also a talented solar canopy installer and member of the Brooklyn SolarWorks construction team.

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