For us, the most reliable indicator of growing interest in the Brooklyn Solar Canopy is the number of new inquiries we field each week from solar companies all over the country and, increasingly, the world. By this yardstick interest is most definitely booming. And as our direct engagement with new sales, operations and installation teams ratchets up, the nuts and bolts questions we field about canopy components, materials, engineering, installation methods and other topics continue to multiply proportionally.

In an effort to help address many of these questions before they even reach us we’ve produced the above Brooklyn Solar Canopy Guide for Solar Professionals. Packed with aerial and up close footage of a recently installed two-truss canopy in South Brooklyn and led by BSCC’s President Gaelen McKee, this highly watchable 5-minute video covers a lot of ground. The guide is a great resource for anyone who simply wants to see what a canopy actually looks like in the real world, but also goes deeper into the specific design, engineering and installation details that solar companies most want to know in order to assess the canopy opportunity for their business and clients.

Please enjoy, share and like today! All feedback welcome.