With all eyes now on Tesla’s paradigm-shattering #Cybertruck following its debut earlier this month, diehard enthusiasts are already thinking creatively about parking. 

Fortunately, for aspiring owners wondering where their most badass future asset will live when not on the road, we already have a proven solution that’s ready to go right now. 

The Brooklyn Solar Canopy Co. has developed a LIMITED EDITION CYBERPORT- Complete with Cyber-chargeport, and motion controlled smart lighting for midnight runs in the Cybertuck. 

Launched in 2015, our The BSCC Carport is now available in all 50 states, with multiple design options engineered to withstand hurricane/ avalanche-grade wind and snow loads. Completely modular, canopies can be built to a range of dimensions to accommodate multiple vehicle parking, as well as additional space for outdoor amenities. 

Spec Number
Windload Up to 170 mph+
Snow Load Up to 70 lbs/sft
Seismic/Earthquake Magnitude 8.0, good for all seismic zones (some may require bracing)
KwH per Day/miles per day 34Kwh/85 miles per day (estimated)
Kwh per Year 12,600KWh
Kwh Per Additional Truss +4,500kWh

The Carports’ signature open A-frame legs allow for 360 degree site lines, and are equipped with special brackets that elegantly support all variety of charging points (not to mention inverters and Powerwalls . . . ). 

The Carport’s patented truss and rail system allows for significant module cantilever. This maximizes array sizes and solar energy output relative to the on the foundation footprint on the ground. At up to 34 kWh of juice per day, off-grid, the double carport canopy can supply up to 85 miles of driving in a single charging session. 

Visit our canopy configurator now to get started with your own Cyberport design. One of our specialists is available to assist you with any questions or needs that you might have.