Project Highlight: A-Frame Solar Canopy For CHiPs

In this ‘Project Highlight,’ we looked at a rooftop solar canopy built by Brooklyn SolarWorks for CHiPS in Brooklyn, New York in 2021. A rooftop-mounted A-Frame solar canopy that provides the nonprofit with clean solar energy.

Brooklyn SolarWorks worked with CHiPS to provide them with a rooftop solar canopy. This initiative aims to help reduce their carbon footprint and energy costs so they can better serve the community.

Brooklyn SolarWorks and CHiPS In the Community

Brooklyn SolarWorks, our affiliate solar installation company, and our best customer, has completed over six hundred solar canopy installations in New York City. CHiPS has been serving the Park Slope-Gowanus neighborhoods since 1971 by providing free food and housing assistance to locals in need.

CHiPS Food Pantry and Soup Kitchen serve warm meals to roughly 150 New Yorkers every day. The organization’s Residence Program provides shelter to mothers including assistance with housing, job searches, and other necessary skills.

How We Made This Work for CHiPS

We designed an A-Frame six-truss solar canopy system to meet Brooklyn SolarWork’s proposal to include 52 LG 380 panels. This 20 kW system will produce around 23,000 kWh of energy per year, which equates to an electric savings of $6,000 a year. This frees CHiPS to use more of these savings to better serve our community.

CHiPS will use this solar system as an independent energy source to power its operation. Brooklyn SolarWorks and Brooklyn Solar Canopy Co. helped a local nonprofit save money and be environmentally friendly.

A-Frame Solar Canopy: Urban Rooftop Mounted

The urban rooftop-mounted A-Frame solar canopy features six trusses. This enables mounting a larger system to the building’s rooftop. We also had to account for existing rooftop obstructions like the pilot house of the stairwell by increasing the height to clear the structure.

Check out the solar canopy specs below:


Spec Number
Wind Load 0 – 200 mph, Exposure ‘C’
Snow Load 70 lbs/sqft
Seismic Category A – E
Panel Type LG NeON-380W
Kwh per Year 23,000KWh
Kwh Per Truss +3,850kWh

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