Level Up Your Installations: A Guide to Solar Canopies

Solar canopies take the concept of solar power installations to the next level. They offer an innovative way to bypass space constraints on compact or crowded urban rooftops while still providing room for a variety of adaptable ground applications. They also create protected areas that can be used for many different purposes, allowing property owners to make the best use of their available space.

Brooklyn Solar Canopy Co. has been designing and fabricating lightweight aluminum solar canopies (residential carport structures, solar patio solutions) across the US for nearly a decade. To date, we’ve delivered more than 700 residential and commercial solar canopies throughout New York City and beyond, meeting a growing need for alternative power supplies and space-saving installations.

If you’re looking to level up your installations to meet the diverse needs of your client base, here’s everything you need to know about the different types of solar canopies you can install and the benefits they offer your customers.

The Basics of Solar Canopies

Solar canopies are innovative structures that elevate solar panels above the ground or on a rooftop, offering several key advantages for customers of all types.

Unlike traditional solar panels mounted directly on rooftops, solar canopies can bypass obstacles such as irregular roof shapes and vents. This allows them to gain maximum sun exposure, provide consistent energy output, and create extra clearance required by regional building codes. Their elevation offers a sleek and modern look while increasing the amount of space available below them for other applications or purposes.

The space below solar canopies also offers ample shade and weather protection, making them ideal for creating a solar patio, residential carport, or commercial solar canopy system. This protected space can be used for a myriad of purposes, from sheltering patios and decks to creating parking spaces protected from the elements.

Our solar canopies allow for easy constructability and are designed with a clear focus on functionality and aesthetic appeal. These designs make solar power installations a more appealing solution for urban environments that need to offer a combination of reliable infrastructure and pioneering architectural design.

Different Types of Solar Canopies

We offer two primary types of lightweight aluminum solar canopies for your customers to choose from: A-Frame canopies and Post-Truss canopies. Both options combine flexible design and constructability and can be used for multiple panel types.

The only solar canopy solution of its kind on the market, our award-winning A-frame canopies are ideally suited to flat-roof townhouses and urban buildings. Their unique flexibly customized design elevates solar panels over common roof obstructions and code barriers while meeting strict building and compliance standards. The lightweight aluminum A-frame stands used in these canopies maximize the amount of available space below them, leaving ample room for shaded seating arrangements, parking spaces, or other weather-protected rooftop amenities. The frame is incredibly robust and can withstand local snow and wind loads across the United States.

Our Post-Truss canopies also provide an excellent, easy-to-install solar canopy solution, particularly when rapid deployment of parking lot solar systems is needed for urban and industrial purposes. These robust structures leave plenty of space below them for sun-protected solar canopy carports for parking lots while offering room for electric vehicle charging ports and other essential amenities as needed. Like our A-frames, they can handle local snow and wind loads anywhere in the US and are panel agnostic, allowing for the use of multiple panel types.

Solar canopy, swimming pool solar canopy, and aluminum solar carport designs can be adapted to a variety of different properties and use cases, depending on your customer’s specific requirements.

If you need more information, feel free to contact the BSCC team with your project proposal for personalized recommendations on the right canopy system for the job.


The Benefits of Solar Canopies for Customers

Our flexible and beneficial solutions are ideal for customers looking to buy a solar canopy to harness the power of renewable energy sources, maximize their available space, and enhance the value of their properties.

Here are some of the key benefits of installing Brooklyn Solar Canopy Co.’s solar canopies for your customers.

Cost Efficiency

Installing residential or commercial solar canopy solutions can provide significant energy cost savings for all types of customers and clients. All solar installations are designed to produce clean, environmentally friendly electricity at their placement site, reducing clients’ dependence on the electrical grid, particularly during peak production hours when the sun is at its strongest.

Solar canopies for installers can produce enough sustainable power to notably reduce clients’ monthly power bills while still giving them access to consistent electricity supplies and a low-maintenance energy generation system.

Our solar canopies are an investment that may carry robust returns in the long run. The accumulative energy savings clients experience over time may cover the initial cost of installation within a few years or even months and carry ongoing cost savings into the future. Many states also offer incentives such as rebates and tax credits to enhance the return on investment further.

As an added plus, a solar pergola can increase the value of a client’s property. Recent  research reveals that properties with reliable solar panel installations may sell more rapidly and at more favorable prices than similar properties that are only connected to the grid.

Solar canopies demonstrate a property owner’s interest and dedication to sustainability, and potential property buyers may be attracted by the prospect of enjoying lower energy costs in the future. Even potential buyers who still wish to use grid energy may appreciate having the option of a backup power supply system in the event of blackouts or unexpected outages linked to extreme weather events, faults, and repairs.

Environmental Benefits

Brooklyn Solar’s solar canopies can drastically reduce customers’ environmental footprints and provide more sustainable sources of energy. Our panels generate clean solar power, lowering reliance on environmentally harmful fossil fuels such as coal to produce electricity. The result is a smaller carbon footprint per customer, which can have cumulative effects on fighting climate change and ensuring a greener future for all.

Solar power is widely regarded as a renewable and clean power resource, unlike fossil fuels, which contribute greatly to water and air pollution and Earth-heating greenhouse gas emissions. Our commercial solar carport and residential solar carport systems help your customers achieve energy independence in a way that benefits both them and their local environments, not to mention future generations.

Functionality and Versatility

Unlike classic solar panel installations, solar canopies offer multiple uses and advantages. Not only do they generate clean solar energy, but they can also provide shade and protected spaces for carport and pergola use below them. This allows for the creation of protected parking lots that shield cars from the sun, reducing UV exposure and heat build-up and slowing their rate of body deterioration.

An advantage of solar carports for driveway use is that they can be strategically installed over areas such as rooftop parking areas or walkways, enabling customers to create customized spaces that meet their specific needs. They can also be installed over rooftops unsuitable for solar panel installations, increasing the usable space a customer’s property has available.

Solar canopies can even be integrated into electric vehicle charging stations to offer more practical and environmental benefits. Customers who have invested in solar canopies for EV charging can use their canopies to charge their vehicles using clean solar power on-site, further lowering their use of fossil fuels while making EV charging stations easily accessible at any time of the day.

Our aluminum solar carport solutions are owner-friendly and require minimal maintenance to perform at their best. We recommend occasional cleaning to remove debris and dust from the panels, but this is generally the only maintenance required to keep the solar canopy and panels in excellent shape.

As an installer, you may want to consider offering a bi-annual cleaning package to ensure your customers enjoy the maximum benefit from their installations.

Aesthetic and Community Advantages

At Brooklyn Solar Canopy Co., we’ve designed aesthetically pleasing solar canopies that will enhance your clients’ properties both functionally and visually. Our canopies are engineered to be attractive, modern-looking additions to any property, helping to enhance its curb appeal and be noticed more rapidly by potential buyers looking for a contemporary home or investment.

Our solar solutions even offer benefits for entire communities. The broader adoption of solar canopies throughout a neighborhood or suburb can help build a more sustainably minded community with a lower collective carbon footprint. This may help foster a wide sense of environmental responsibility and ensure that every local resident plays their part in reducing their carbon emissions and supporting the use of clean alternative power sources. Even a solar canopy for community solar or a pool solar canopy can provide a functional community power solution while providing shade for local pools and green and blue spaces.

Offer Your Customers The Best Solar Solutions

Solar canopies for building rooftop use offer a wide range of potential benefits for your customers, ranging from cost efficiency and environmental benefits to practical advantages and even community-wide benefits in areas with a high rate of solar canopy adoption.

Our solar carport and solar structure solutions are crafted from robust yet long-lasting lightweight aluminum, offering easy constructability and durable designs that can withstand local snow and wind loads all year round. And, because they’re designed for use with multiple solar panel types, they come complete with a comprehensive plan set stamped by a professional engineer (PE).

Additionally, our innovative A-frame and Post-Truss commercial solar canopies and carport systems can easily be customized to suit each customer’s individual needs and preferences, with various orientations, sizes, attachments, color options, and environmental configurations to choose from. As an installer, you can consult with a BSCC representative at any time to request a quote or learn more about hurricane-proof solar canopies, aluminum solar carport solutions, and solar canopy ROI.

To begin the process, simply create a new account, and submit a Project Proposal, and we will provide product engineering reports, a quote and 3D model, and a plan set for final review. We also provide comprehensive solar canopy installation manuals that guide you through each step of the process, allowing you to start your installation as quickly as possible and buy a solar carport that best suits your project.

With Brooklyn Solar Canopy Co. leveling up your solar installations has never been as simple or as beneficial to all involved. With us, you can find the best solar canopies for New York and the rest of the US to suit your customer’s exacting needs.