Project Spotlight: A Brooklyn Brownstone

Faced with rising electricity costs, many New Yorkers are seeking eco-friendly ways to keep their homes powered while saving money. One increasingly popular option is solar energy! In this article, we’ll explore how solar panels have transformed the life of a local New York City resident over the past year after installing a Brooklyn Solar Canopy Co. A-Frame canopy on their rooftop.

This customer after finally, owning their own home was presented the perfect opportunity to install solar panels. Driven by their unwavering commitment to sustainability and a desire to be part of the solution, they made the leap and installed a solar canopy. For this customer, switching to solar wasn’t just about saving money, it was a powerful way to live by their values. Their Brooklyn brownstone became a symbol of dedication to renewable energy and environmental responsibility.

About the Installation

This system is a powerful 8.4 kW setup, featuring 21 high-efficiency 400-watt panels mounted on a Brooklyn Solar Canopy A-Frame solar canopy. It’s the ideal fit for the three-story brownstone. The system was designed to match their annual energy consumption of around 9,998 kWh.  According to our trusted installer, Brooklyn SolarWorks, this solar setup will offset a whopping 93% of the home’s electricity needs!

A Smooth Journey with a Trusted Installer

This customer’s commitment to sustainability took a giant leap forward when they partnered with Brooklyn SolarWorks. From the get-go, the installation process was a breeze. The Brooklyn SolarWorks team impressed the customer with their professionalism, expertise, and genuine care.

The positive experience didn’t end with the installation. The customer was particularly grateful for the comprehensive support they received throughout the entire process especially the construction phase. This included help with paperwork and timely follow-ups, ensuring a smooth transition to solar power in New York City, which is no easy task.

Successful Results

The summer of 2023 was the solar system’s first big test, and it passed with flying colors! Beyond just looking great on the brownstone, the panels have proven to be more than just an energy source. They also act as a protective shield, safeguarding the roof from harsh weather conditions and extending its lifespan. An added bonus: the panels help prevent the roof from absorbing excessive heat, keeping the whole house cooler over the summer.

The impact on our customer’s wallet has been dramatic. With three apartments under one roof, the collective electricity bill during a 2023 scorching heatwave was practically zero! Thanks to the solar panels this translated into sky-high energy costs.

Reduce Your Home’s Energy Costs By Going Solar!

This Project Spotlight is a beacon of sustainable living in New York City, demonstrating how solar can benefit both the environment and your wallet. Here at Brooklyn Solar Canopy Co. we are committed to providing our customers with the best solar canopy products on the market, as well as superior installation experience through one of our many trusted solar installers. If you’re interested in a Brooklyn Solar canopy reach out here.