Maintaining Your Investment: Solar Canopy Maintenance & Warranties

Once you have invested in a solar canopy, maintaining it is the key to keeping your investment in great condition. At Brooklyn Solar Canopy Co., we have a three-pronged system to ensure that your solar pergola performs at its peak for years to come:

    1. Robust, easy construction
    2. Expert canopy maintenance recommendations
    3. Comprehensive solar canopy warranties

Our prefabricated solar pergola systems are made using lightweight yet durable aluminum (6061, GA). This material is well known for its ability to withstand heavy loads and environmental conditions without compromising its structural integrity or stability. The aluminum is what makes our canopies robust yet lightweight to make construction easy to complete. Our team will assist you in choosing the best canopy for your specific needs, and if maintained correctly, our canopy warranties will keep your solar pergola in excellent shape throughout its lifespan.

In this article, we will explore common concerns and questions about solar canopy maintenance, delve into the benefits of each type of canopy finish for keeping your canopy in great condition, and explain how our canopy warranties work so that you know exactly what to expect after your purchase.

Understanding Electrical Equipment Guarantees

Brooklyn Solar Canopy Co. offers quality, prefabricated solar canopies, pergolas, and solar carports for a wide range of commercial and residential purposes. However, it’s important to note that your foundations, solar panels, and other electrical equipment should be viewed as separate investments.

Our team does not provide any electrical work or electrical component installations, which means that your electrical equipment and panel guarantees are separate from your solar canopy guarantee. Please refer to the product warranties for each of your solar panels, inverters, and other equipment, or ask your installer for more information about their respective coverage. This is also true for concrete foundations and ground screws.

Spotlight on Finishes and Their Benefits

The long-term performance of your solar canopy will depend on several key factors, including the finish you have selected. Brooklyn Solar offers two choices of canopy finishes: aluminum mill finishes, and powder coated finishes.

Both are designed to keep your canopy looking aesthetically pleasing and functioning optimally over time, but each finish has its own unique benefits to keep in mind when making your selection.

  • Aluminum Mill Finish

Our aluminum mill finish looks simple and sleek, taking advantage of aluminum’s natural look after the rolling process. Due to its sophisticated look, this metallic finish will suit a wide range of residential and commercial architectural styles.

There are many benefits to choosing an aluminum mill finish for your solar canopy.

Firstly, mill finishes are well known for being highly durable and offering inherent resistance to corrosion, making them suited to a wide range of outdoor environments. Canopies with this type of finish have a natural layer of aluminum oxide on their surfaces, which helps to protect the metal below it from harsh weather conditions.

Mill finishes are also low maintenance, requiring minimal upkeep to look and function at their best. Some customers note that their mill-finished residential solar carport structures develop a chalk-like layer along their surfaces over time – but this phenomenon is purely aesthetic in nature and does not negatively impact the structural integrity of the canopy in any way.

Additionally, solar canopies with mill finishes have high levels of solar reflection, helping to reflect large amounts of sunlight and heat. This type of finish helps to keep the canopy cool and maximize the efficiency of the solar panels while minimizing the risk of damage associated with long-term heat exposure.

  • Powder Coating Finish

Powder-coated solar canopies are a widely popular choice due to their sleek looks and versatility. These canopies are finished with a dry powder paint coating, which is electrostatically applied to the aluminum surfaces and then cured at high temperatures to seal it in place.

Powder coating offers a range of unique benefits, including a high degree of customizability. Powder coats come in different colors, enabling you to choose a shade that best matches the aesthetic design of your home, building, or establishment. For our solar canopies, you can choose between matte black or white.

This type of finish offers the best corrosion resistance. The extra layer of cured powder coating seals off the aluminum below, effectively safeguarding it against exposure to corrosive agents that may otherwise damage your canopy.

Powder coating is also highly resistant to all types of weather conditions, including heavy snow and high temperatures, and is designed to resist UV exposure, fading, and chipping over time. This helps ensure that your canopy’s finish stays intact and vibrant for many years. As a result, solar canopies with powder coating finishes are also exceptionally low maintenance and easy to clean with soap and water alone. Powder coating your solar canopy does come at an added cost, please consult with a BSCC representative.

Canopy Tilt for Easier Maintenance

Flat solar canopies may function well enough, but they can lead to certain challenges that increase maintenance burdens. These canopies may allow debris like dust, dirt, leaves, and other detritus to build up over time, which can impact the efficiency of your solar panels and increase your canopy’s cleaning requirements considerably. Moreover, flat solar carport canopies often allow water to pool around the panels, which can eventually lead to inefficient solar systems.

Brooklyn Solar Canopy Co.’s Post-Truss and A-frame solar canopies have a unique design featuring a standard 5-degree tilt to address these concerns. This tilt helps to ensure that water runs off your solar panels reliably, preventing it from pooling around the panels and increasing the risk of damage and malfunction. Additionally, our tilted designs enable organic debris, dust, pollen, and leaves to naturally fall off your canopy, act as a self-cleaner that helps to limit your cleaning requirements and ensure that your panels are always functioning at their best.

It is important to note that even with this tilted design, your canopy and panels may require some cleaning as part of their regular maintenance. Our solar canopies can be easily cleaned with soap and water to keep them working at their optimum. Speak to your installation professional to discover the best way to keep your solar panels and other electrical equipment clean.

Snow and Wind Load Resistant Designs

Heavy snow loads and high winds can damage a variety of constructions and structures, including solar canopies. Our canopies reduce the risk of damage by integrating significant snow and wind load resistance. Our high snow load solar canopy A-Frame designs have a snow load rating of 0 – 70psf, and our Post-Truss canopies offer a snow load rating of 0 – 25psf. Speak to a BSCC representative to identify the best option for your area and expected annual snowfall.

Our aluminum solar carport models can also withstand heavy winds while still firmly securing your panels and other equipment. The A-Frame canopies can withstand winds of up to 0 – 200mph, and the Post-Truss canopies can withstand winds of 0 – 117 mph while maintaining excellent structural stability. These are the best solar canopies for wind, as they can even withstand hurricane conditions!

Decoding Our Warranty Language

The key to making the most of any solar awning warranty is to understand how it works before you make your purchase. You need to understand exactly what your warranty covers and what it doesn’t to keep your investment looking great and working well in the long run.

Brooklyn Solar Canopy Co. offers a 30-year equipment warranty on all our A-Frame and Post-Truss solar canopy models. This warranty covers the physical solar structure of the solar canopies, including the aluminum frames and legs and the mill or powder coating finish you select. Our warranties do not extend to any electrical equipment—like solar panels, inverters, and batteries—that you choose to install alongside your solar canopy.

Each piece of equipment will have a unique manufacturer’s warranty. It’s important to contact each manufacturer or installer individually to ensure that your investments are adequately covered.

While each of your solar components will have its own respective warranty, our solar carport warranties may assist in extending the lifespan of these components. The durable construction and structural warranty on our solar canopies help ensure that your canopy remains in place and protects your solar panels and EV charging components. This extends their lifespans and ensures that your entire solar system functions well with minimal maintenance required.

Maintain Your Investment with Ease

Brooklyn Solar Canopy Co.’s extensive equipment warranty and robust construction techniques ensure that your investments remain functional and aesthetically pleasing long after you buy a solar canopy. Our warranties are designed to maximize your solar canopy ROI while minimizing the amount of maintenance needed to keep your canopy in excellent condition, even over long periods of time.

Contact a BSCC representative to get a quote for the cost of a solar canopy, find the right canopy for your needs, and ensure that you select the ideal finish to protect your panels from all environmental conditions and support their optimal functioning!

If you are an installer, we also offer solar canopies for installers, commercial solar canopies, and easy-to-install solar canopy guidelines to help you find the perfect fit for your next customer.