Solar Canopies for Commercial Properties: Parking Lots to Rooftops

The demand for sustainable power generation solutions has never been higher. Commercial property owners are constantly seeking out new ways to maximize their power generation capacity, limit their environmental impact, and enjoy energy savings with a solar canopy while still meeting their individual electricity needs.

As an installer of solar canopies, you can use this growing demand to expand your respective portfolio and meet the needs of a rapidly expanding commercial audience. By supplying solar canopies for commercial settings—from rooftops to parking lots, solar canopies for EV charging stations, and more—you can effectively expand into a commercial customer bases with your offerings from Brooklyn Solar Canopy Co.

In this article, we will explore how you, as a solar carport installer, can meet the needs of commercial property owners with the power of quality solar canopies and solar pergola designs. Plus, we will delve into the key benefits of solar canopies for commercial properties, showing how they can offer your customers significant cost savings and greenhouse gas emission reductions.

Commercial Benefits of Solar Canopies

Solar canopies offer a number of unique advantages for commercial property owners and their own customers. One of the most notable benefits has to do with establishing your commercial clients as leaders in corporate social responsibility.

Property owners who install solar canopies clearly demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, not only to their target audiences but to potential investors and stakeholders as well. Studies show that today’s consumers are becoming increasingly more environmentally conscious, and building a reputation as an environmentally responsible business can enhance a company’s brand image and position it as a leader in future CSR initiatives.

Solar canopies can also be used at commercial properties like restaurants, fast food outlets, and gas stations to encourage customers to spend more time and money. For example, property owners who integrate electric vehicle charging stations into their commercial solar canopies can position themselves as environmentally friendly destinations.

As customers spend time charging their vehicles, owners can use smart marketing techniques to entice them to enjoy a meal on-site or explore other offerings available, such as retail outlets or entertainment options. These solar pergola solutions can effectively benefit the environment, customers, and commercial enterprises’ bottom lines while helping businesses expand their offerings and consumer pools organically.

Many eco-conscious customers may be attracted to businesses and commercial properties purely because of the latter parties’ choice to opt for sustainable power alternatives. In the age of climate-aware consumers, many customers are naturally more inclined to support businesses and enterprises that prioritize environmental responsibility. When your commercial clients opt for a solar canopy in a visible location on site, they may attract attention from new groups of eco-conscious consumers who are curious about these technologies or inherently willing to purchase from companies with sustainability at the forefront of their operations.

Moreover, commercial aluminum solar carports and solar canopies can bring significant cost savings to commercial property owners and managers. Commercial properties often have major utility and electrical expenses, which can be reduced or even eliminated with the installation of solar power solutions. Solar canopies can provide the framework for consistent electricity supplies while reducing a business’s reliance on the traditional energy grid. These financial savings can be diverted into the business’s marketing efforts, future expansion plans, or other areas in need to ensure its long-term success without compromising on consistent and sufficient power supply.

Commercial Parking Lot Canopies

Solar canopies offer advantages that extend far beyond their environmental and cost-saving benefits. For instance, businesses and commercial enterprises with electric fleet vehicles can use solar canopies to install on-site electric vehicle charging stations. This enables businesses to keep their fleet vehicles powered up and fully functional at all times while reducing the fuel expenses associated with powering a standard fossil fuel-reliant fleet.

Businesses can use their solar canopies to provide charging stations for their employees’ electric vehicles. This is a great way to establish more eco-friendly operations and provide valuable perks to employees by ensuring that they can charge their vehicles on-site. Solar canopies with EV charging stations may also help to keep employees’ vehicles cool and protected all year around, which is particularly valuable in hot or otherwise harsh climates.

Additionally, our solar canopies can provide weatherproof parking spaces for commercial employees and customers. Employee and customer parking solar canopy systems can serve as a protective shield against the elements, including heavy rain and snowfall, wind, sun, and hailstorms. Protected parking spaces help to keep vehicles cool in the summer and safeguard them against potentially damaging weather conditions. They also provide a more convenient and comfortable parking experience for both employees and customers.

Commercial Rooftop Solar Canopies

Rooftop solar canopies offer exciting potential for commercial property owners. These canopies can effectively maximize the sun’s energy generation potential while creating usable and protected spaces beneath them to facilitate a range of communal and social activities. Buildings with large, flat roofs can support solar canopies, which maximize solar energy capture and storage while concurrently transforming the spaces beneath the canopies into functional and welcoming communal spaces.

Commercial property owners can create solar shade break areas for employees, tranquil rooftop gardens to entice guests, or even outdoor event spaces for customers, all powered by clean and sustainable solar energy. This is beneficial not only for relaxation and socializing but also for keeping customers and employees comfortable during all types of weather, including temperature extremes. Solar canopies for community solar systems like these can go a long way in improving employee morale and creating unique, trademark amenities that demonstrate the owner’s commitment to sustainable and human-centric architectural designs.

Solar canopies for installers may even assist property owners in certain states to remain compliant with new laws, such as New York City’s Local Laws 92 and 94. Passed in 2019 as part of the Climate Mobilization Act (CMA), the new laws require all building owners to install sustainable roof systems – either green roofs or solar canopy roofs – on all new roof structures built. Brooklyn Solar’s solar canopy systems align with these local laws and can assist property owners to help their city reach carbon neutrality by the year 2050 while moving towards greater energy efficiency in building designs.

Solutions for Your Commercial Property

New York City’s Local Law 97, also referred to as the CMA (2019), aims to drastically reduce the city’s greenhouse gas emissions produced by large buildings and commercial properties. The law applies to most buildings that exceed 25,000 gross square feet and imposes emission limits on these properties to meet new greenhouse gas and energy efficiency targets. Its goals are to reduce emissions by 40% by the year 2030 and to reach net zero emissions another two decades down the line.

Solar canopies and EV-charging solar carport solutions can play an essential role for commercial property owners in New York City who are looking to meet the standards laid out by Local Law 97. By investing in solutions that generate clean energy, property owners can reduce their buildings’ reliance on fossil fuels and ensure that they comply closely with the law’s strict emissions limits and avoid hefty fines.

Brooklyn Solar Canopy Co. offers two unique solar canopy product designs – Post-Truss and A-Frame – both of which are suitable for commercial use. Our A-Frame canopies are optimal for use on flat rooftops and elevate over common rooftop obstructions and code barriers to meet a diverse range of commercial requirements.

Our Post-Truss solar awnings are ideal for creating aluminum solar carports, solar parking lots, and solar EV charging stations at scale, helping to electrify fleets and customer parking areas alike. Each Post-Truss canopy can be fitted with a custom selection of electric vehicle charging ports to encourage employees and customers to reduce their reliance on grid electricity and instead power their vehicles with clean, renewable energy from the sun.

Solar Canopies to Meet Every Commercial Need

Solar pergola solutions offer a wealth of unique advantages for commercial property and business owners who are looking to transition toward green energy sources. Transforming parking lots and rooftops into solar energy powerhouses can effectively reduce a business’s energy expenses and emissions while helping to attract a new class of environmentally conscious consumers looking to make a difference through their choices and purchases.

As an installer of solar canopy for parking lots, you can benefit your commercial clients and ensure that they are compliant with regulations like NYC’s Local Law 97 by offering our trusted commercial solar carport solutions during your installation projects. We can assist you at every step of the process, from providing product engineering reports for your review to offering quotes, 3D models, and complete plan sets stamped by a professional engineer.

We will also provide installation manuals for our solar canopies for installers that detail every step of the construction of your client’s solar canopy to ensure a smooth and seamless installation process. Our team can review the installation with your team, helping to guarantee satisfied clients and successful projects completed in good time. Consult a BSCC representative today to request a quote or have all your questions about commercial solar canopies answered.