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Installer Talk: How Each Canopy Attachment Types Work

Installer Talk: How Each Canopy Attachment Types Work Brooklyn Solar Canopy Co.’s solar canopies offer a range of unique benefits to residential and commercial customers alike. These benefits span both economic and environmental factors, making them a well-suited option for homes, businesses, and even communities looking for clean solar power generation solutions. As a solar…

How Much Energy Can Solar Panels Save? | Brooklyn Solar Canopy Co.

Shining Light on Savings: How Much Energy Will Your Customer Save? As U.S. electricity prices continue to increase and outstrip the broader inflation rate, the demand for alternative power sources that save on energy and energy-associated expenses is on the rise. Traditional power supply systems like coal-powered energy grids are becoming more costly with every…

Guide to Solar Canopy Installation | Brooklyn Solar Canopy Co.

Level Up Your Installations: A Guide to Solar Canopies Solar canopies take the concept of solar power installations to the next level. They offer an innovative way to bypass space constraints on compact or crowded urban rooftops while still providing room for a variety of adaptable ground applications. They also create protected areas that can…

Project Highlight: A-Frame Solar Canopy for CHiPS

Project Highlight: A-Frame Solar Canopy For CHiPs In this ‘Project Highlight,’ we looked at a rooftop solar canopy built by Brooklyn SolarWorks for CHiPS in Brooklyn, New York in 2021. A rooftop-mounted A-Frame solar canopy that provides the nonprofit with clean solar energy. Brooklyn SolarWorks worked with CHiPS to provide them with a rooftop solar…

NYC Passes the ‘City of Yes’: How This Impacts Solar Canopies

NYC Passes the ‘City of Yes’: How This Impacts Solar Canopies New York City, the concrete jungle where dreams are made, is about to get much greener. Thanks to a recently passed initiative called “City of Yes for Carbon Neutrality,” the City Council has voted to remove the red tape and streamline the process for…

What is a Solar Canopy?

What is a Solar Canopy? Key Takeaways Solar canopies are roof-like structures covered with solar panels that generate renewable solar energy, reduce carbon footprints, protect vehicles or outdoor spaces from sun and weather, and are an alternative solar racking option all while increasing your property’s value. There are two main types: parking lots and residential…

Brooklyn Solar Canopy Co. Update: RE+ 2023

The Brooklyn Solar Canopy Co. team recently returned from a productive and enjoyable trip to Las Vegas, NV for the 2023 RE+ Solar Conference meeting with with potential customers and partners. The team took advantage of the opportunity to network with industry leaders, learn about the latest trends in solar energy, and promote their company’s…

Join us in Salt Lake City for Solar Power International 2019!

September 23 - 26. Booth # 5461.

For the second year in a row Brooklyn Solar Canopy Co. will be exhibiting at the world’s largest solar industry event, Solar Power International. This year we decided to kick it up a major notch by featuring an actual 22’ double carport canopy at our booth (#5461) in the main exhibit hall. Custom powder-coated burnt…

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